Hairwarz Auditions (“Don’t Get It Twisted”)
Starring: Tabitha Brown, Courtney K, Jennifer Taylor and Clastine Covington

Tabitha Brown and Courtney K. take the show to Dudley Beauty Center & Spa in Greensboro, North Carolina for auditions.

When Hair Stylists from North Carolina and surrounding areas show up to audition for hairwarz auditions, attitudes fly and tempers flare.

A transgender, a gold tooth, a snake in the hair and a wedding cake on the head?

OMG Pink Hair and then Blue Hair? The sounds of crickets And who is a lettuce Johnson?

Can an actress, a fashion model, a celebrity hairdresser and a beauty salon manager make a decision on the best or the worst?

I must say we had some wild and kinky hairstyles that came through. Who’s your favorite? Or who’s your worst?

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