“1/30/2016 — Earthquake Unrest : Large M7.2 strikes NW Pacific after California hit”


A large M7.2 earthquake has struck the NW Pacific in Kamchatka Russia – North of Japan, West of Alaska.

The past week has seen multiple large earthquake events strike the North Pacific, including a different M7.2 event which struck Alaska, as well as a rare M6.2 earthquake which struck South of Spain near Gibralter / Morocco / North Africa.

Additionally, two back to back M4.9 + M5.0 earthquakes struck off the coast of NW California just a few hours prior to the Kamchatka NW Pacific M7.2 event.

This has built over the past several days, starting with a new round of deep earthquakes striking below the West Pacific plate (Fiji).. the deep events caused a swarm of M5.0+ earthquakes all across the SW Pacific region (Indonesia + Philippines).

The swarm of M5.0+ earthquakes to the South caused compensation movement to the North Pacific, which resulted in the two larg… (More)


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