“Pregnant woman jumps from 8th floor window, baby survives – babies falling compilation”


Published on Jan 28, 2016

  1. A 10-month-old baby miraculously survives after her mother jumped from an 8-storey window in Harlem while holding the child in her arms.
  1. This teacher is officially a hero after he caught a 2-year-old girl as she fell from an eight-story window on Tuesday in China.

  2. The parents should’ve strapped the baby into a car seat or at least had the back door child safety lock engaged to prevent this kind of accident.

  3. A video circulating the internet appears to show a small child walking back and forth along the exterior edge of a window space in a high-rise building some believe to be in India.

  4. Officials’ theorize the boy managed to push aside a piece of cardboard on the side of an air-conditioning unit that was blocking a small opening. He crawled through onto the fire escape, and from there, made his way onto the awning. He would have fallen into the street had Torre not caught


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