“Snake bite causes girl’s leg to rot away with severe necrosis – snake compilation”

Published on Jan 22, 2016

Ophidiophobia: the irrational fear of snakes. For the people whose stories are told in this compilation, their fear is well justified. TomoNews presents to you some of the most shocking snake attacks to make news headlines across the world. 

  1. A young Venezuelan girl has rotted away and turned black from severe necrosis after being bitten by a snake. 
  1. After capturing a deadly cottonmouth Austin Hatfield thought it’d be a good idea to 1) bring it to his girlfriend’s house and 2) try to give it a smooch.

  2. On the way back from a brisk walk Jaclyn Caramazza’s son Vinny accidentally stepped on a baby rattlesnake. 

  3. The question is, will a human body actually fit actually inside the world’s largest snake? The trailer does not reveal if Rosolie ever makes it into the belly. 

  4. A pet store employee from Temple, Texas was found dead from venomous snake bites back in July. Recently released autopsy results show he committed suicide.

  5. Click here for uncensored video: 
    Li Fei, also known as the “King of Snakes,” grew up in a mountainous part of China where there were lots of snakes and has been doing things like this for over 30 years.

  6. The 37-year-old Missouri native refused to go the hospital for treatment and instead tried to cut out the venom himself. 

  7. A tragedy happened a week ago when Blackie fought off a cobra but then unfortunately died of a fatal snakebite. 

  8. Each head has its own heart, lungs and brain, but they share the same digestive tract and reproductive system.

  9. Largest snake: A Florida man captured and killed a the largest python found in Florida recorded history.

  10. A bunch of cobras showed up in a Chinese village near Shuende. They appeared on streets, in the walls, and just about everywhere else.

  11. The tourist, identified as Ms. Jin Jing, was treated for the wound on her face at the Phuket International Hospital in Phuket Town. The Bangkok Post reports that she received 135,000 baht in compensation – roughly $3,700 USD.

  12. A snake bit a man’s schlong when he went to relieve himself in a toilet.

  13. What could be a man’s worst nightmare while going to the bathroom? How about getting attacked in the privates by a snake in the toilet?

  14. A German snake charmer died just minutes after being bitten by one of his vipers during his ‘Reptile Show’ in Faugères, southern France.


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