“Submerged car survival tips: How to escape if your car plunges into water – TomoNews”


Fremont O’Berg, Amos Shook, Pamella Jackson and Cheryl Miller all have one unfortunate thing in common — they all died after their cars plunged into lakes and they could not escape. Their bodies not found until several decades later.

So, if you want to avoid a similar fate then watch this video and pay close attention.

If your car should ever plunge into deep water follow these simple steps and you should be able to avoid a watery grave.

First, unbuckle your seat belt. Never, ever attempt to open the doors, roll down or break a window.

If there are children in your vehicle, attend to them first and then help them out of the windows.

About 400 people die each year in the U.S. from drowning in their vehicles. Remember these lessons and hopefully you can avoid becoming the next one


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