“Y Grant Consultants, Inc.”

Founded on October 1, 2010

Y Grant Consultants is a consortium of nonprofit (grant) specialist: Grant writing & Proposal writing (non-profit & low-profit), Business plans & Program planning, 501©3 Applications, and on site Seminars.

Y Grant Consultants is an organization committed to enhancing businesses and their goals, while offering our full range of services. Y Grant Consultants is an organization, which strives to help businesses stay focused and structured. Y Grant Consultants help to empower non-profit organizations and others to achieve their goals by assisting them through the grant writing process.

We welcome all Faith-Based Organizations who would llike to apply for their 501(c)3 to become non-profit.


“Helping You Stay Focused”


Covington’s Who’s Who

Is featured on Dr.Beverly Brownings Website, the author of “Grant Writing for Dummies.”http://www.bevbrowning.com/onlineclas…


Grant Writing, Grant Research, 501(c)3, Business Plans and Grant Writing Seminars.








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