Published by Tabitha Brown
Published on Apr 29, 2014

This film tells a story of a Mother (Patricia Johnson) diagnosed with ALS who is being cared for by her daughter (Tabitha Brown). While the mother is in her final stages of the disease, she and her daughter often discuss death and how it affects family and friends differently. In this one conversation Patricia tells her daughter a story of how she has dealt with her own rough times since her mother passed away. She tells her that she often finds nickels and thinks that they are from her Mother. Tabitha isn’t sure she believes it, until one day after her Mother’s passing, it becomes her own story.

Dimend in the Rough is a short film written and produced by actress Tabitha Brown as a Tribute to her late mother Patricia Johnson. In this heartfelt story you witness tragedy being met by peace. 

This powerful film is based on a true story and has a few unique qualities. This story is about the writer Tabitha Brown and her late Mother Patricia Johnson, who passed away from ALS in 2007.

The lead character Patricia is played by her oldest daughter Tasha Thomas, who bares a chilling resemblance to her late mother and gives an Oscar worthy performance.

Tabitha plays herself as she is the youngest daughter. Also featured in the film are Tabitha’s husband, Chance Brown and children Choyce and Queston Brown who also play themselves.

Tabitha is the only professional actor in this project, but thought it was important to produce this project with family and stay more true to the story.

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