“MoveOn is hiring organizers to stop Trump”


MoveOn is hiring organizers to stop Trump. Apply now!
By Victoria Kaplan. Saturday, July 30 2016
MoveOn is hiring organizers to defeat Trump.

Apply before August 8.

Donald Trump is a dangerous bigot. And he’s tied in the polls in the battleground states that will decide the presidential election.

We will defeat Donald Trump and elect Hillary Clinton by recruiting, training, and supporting grassroots leaders in the communities that Trump has attacked.

This is an all hands on deck moment. That’s why we’re hiring state directors and field organizers in 10 battleground states to build a massive base of volunteer organizers. Check out the job descriptions below and apply today for state director or field organizer. (Or share the opportunities using the share buttons to the right.)

We will organize volunteer teams to knock on hundreds of thousands of doors and have conversations with enough voters to swing a close election–the presidential race and, in many states, a Senate race, too. We know that face-to-face conversations with voters are the #1 most effective way to increase voter participation.

With millions of members nationwide and an 18-year track record of winning electoral and progressive issue campaigns and breaking new digital and field organizing ground–and as the largest organization to endorse Bernie Sanders in the Democratic primary–MoveOn is uniquely suited to influence the outcome of this election.

Unlike in most campaigns, we’re not running a paid canvass. We’re unleashing the phenomenal energy and smarts of volunteer leaders to canvass their own neighborhoods and communities, where they can make the biggest difference.

And we’re not stopping there. We know that our task is not just to win an election, but to demonstrate that bigotry is a losing strategy and to build power to win on the issues that matter to everyday people: income inequality, police and criminal justice reform, climate change, good jobs, immigrants’ rights, and more. Unlike candidate campaigns that shut down after Election Day, MoveOn.org organizes seven days a week, 365 days a year. The leaders you develop will join a grassroots network that will organize to build power and win on issues after the election.


MoveOn is hiring organizers to stop Trump. Apply now!


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