“Dick Gregory Presidential Candidacy 1968” 9 Million Votes???

While most people think Barack Obama was the first black man to run for President. Many don’t know that a black man name Dick Gregory ran for President of the United States in 1968 as a write-in candidate of the Freedom and Peace Party. He ran in the election against President Richard Nixon

Although the polls results show Dick Gregory with  41,388 votes, he says the voting systems were rigged and his 9 million votes from the state of Pennsylvania were taken away and Nixon won the Presidential Election


Dick Gregory Won Pennsylvania with 9 Million Votes IN ’68 U.S. Presidential Election


We all know there’s no way in Hell a black man was going to be President back then. But much respect to Mr. Dick Gregory for fighting for the rights of our people. He is well known today for his Civil Rights Teachings.

Active in the Civil Rights Movement, on October 7, 1963, Gregory came to Selma, Alabama, and spoke for two hours on a public platform two days before the voter registration drive known as “Freedom Day” (October 7, 1963).

In 1964, Gregory became more involved in civil rights activities, activism against the Vietnam War, economic reform, anti-drug issues, conspiracy theories, and others. As a part of his activism, he went on several hunger strikes and campaigns in America and overseas.

Gregory began his political career by running against Richard J. Daley for the mayoralty of Chicago in 1967. Though he did not emerge victorious, this would not prove to be the end of his dalliances in electoral politics.



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